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Te Araroa. Queen Charlotte Track Days 1 - 4  (78 kilometers/48.5 miles)

Te Araroa. Queen Charlotte Track Days 1 - 4 (78 kilometers/48.5 miles)

71 kilometers (more if you are continuing on to Havelock).

Insiders tip: At night the bays and inlets of this trek light up with bioluminescent plankton. Try to time your trek with a new moon!

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Day 1 of the Te Araroa trail! - 15 kilometers/9.3 miles walked.

Start point: Ship Cove

End Point: Miners Camp

I arrived in Picton the night before. From Picton I took a water taxi to Ship cove, the start of the Queen Charlotte track. We delivered mail along the way to houses in the sound so I couldn't actually start walking until 3:30pm. I met a couple on the ferry who had just completed the 1700 kilometers of the Te Araroa on the north island. They had previously walked the queen charlotte track and said at night along the trail you can see bioluminescent plankton. The moon was too full but for TA walkers hiking this section on a new moon check it out!

An easy day on the trail today. Ended at Miners camp.

Day 2- Jan 6, 2017- 30 kilometers/ 18.6 miles walked.

Start point: Miners Camp.

End Point: Black Rock Camp.

This morning at breakfast I met a man who has sailed around the world for the past 12 years. His companion on the trail had sailed with him from Fiji to New Zealand. After New Zealand he will continue on to New Caledonia and she will head to India. I also met a 60 year old Kiwi who is section hiking the TA until he completes it. He is a master at 'ultralight hiking' and runs a great blog about hiking and how to pack light on the trail. www.lightweghtrob.com. 

Day 3 - Jan 7, 2017 -15 kilometers/9.3 miles walked

Start point: Black Rock camp.

End point: Mistletoe Bay.

A leisurely walk today but I am still getting used to my pack weight (25 lbs/11kg). My knees feel it and I am going to break down and get hiking poles on my resupply day in Havelock. The stargazing was breathtaking tonight. Around 2am I laid out my sleeping mat and sleeping bag and spent an hour stargazing. I've never seen a brighter night sky. I must have seen at least 30 shooting stars!

Day 4 -January 8, 2017- 18 kilometers/11 miles walked.

Start point: Mistletoe Bay

End Point: Havelock. 

Had a relaxed beautiful day in perfect weather. Swam and ate lunch at Dale Bay camp then completed the Queen Charlotte portion of the track. My friend and I walked part of the way/hitchhiked part of the way to Havelock. 

Day 5-6  -January 9th and 10th are devoted to rest days and resupply days in Havelock. See my post on backcountry camp food to see what food I packed.

I will continue on the trail January 11th and may be out cell phone range for 10 + days.


Queen Charlotte Track views

Queen Charlotte Track views

Te Araroa. Pelorus river track Day 7-8

Te Araroa. Pelorus river track Day 7-8

Why walk 1,000 kilometers?

Why walk 1,000 kilometers?